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Hand Held Labelers
Single Line Labeler - Jolly-8
  • Classic Range in Single Line Labeler
  • Easy Labeler at Lower Cost
  • Prints upto 8, 9 & 10 Characters
  • Label Size 22mmx12mm & 26x12mm
  • Light Weight & Easy Operated
  • Easy Label Loading
  • Most Suitable for Economical Labeling
  • Useful to mark Pricing, Weight, PKD...
  • Most useful to print general requirements in one Stroke at Economic Price
Different Models in Two Line Labeler-2216 Jolly & 2216 Blitz
  • Available Label Sizes 20mmx16mm, 22x16mm, 26x16mm 
  • Prints upto 8x8 & 10x10 Characters
  • Covered Label Holder keep away labels from dust
  • Makes Labeling Simple & Fast 
  • Useful to mark Pricing, Coding, Mfg., Best Before, Weight.....
  • Multi Purpose marking tool to print all information in one label
  • Open total view access to inside
  • Lower Repair Cost
New Classic Range for Two Line Labeler - Blitz 1816 & Blitz 2316
  • Small Space saving Label Size 18mmx16mm & 23mmx18mm to print 8x8 characters print 10x10 Characters
  • Labels can print in strips
  • Big Characters in Top & Bottom lines
  • Useful for Pricing, Coding, Product Name...
Maximum Information Display Labeler - Blitz X44 & W444
  • Efficient Size Label prints 14x14 & 14x14x14 Characters
  • Label Size 37mmx19mm & 37mmx 28mm
  • Rough & Tough Labelers
  • Big Characters in all Three Lines can view Information clearly
  • Useful to mark Product Name, Code, Net Wt., Contains, Mfg., Pricing,
Promotional Labeler - Blitz MW47
  • Label prints 14x7 Characters 
  • Bottom Line with 7 mm Big Characters
  • Label Size 37mmx28mm
  • Bottom Big Characters can view clearly from distance 
  • Useful to mark Pricing, Coding 
  • Specially useful for Garment Retailers
Sequential Labeler- Blitz 2253
  • Identification of Different Pieces of the Pattern
  • Identification of Sizes
  • Ideal for Garment Manufacturer
  • Labels Size 22mmx12mm & 26x12mm
  • 3 digits Sequence
  • Labels available in Different Adhesives suitable to clothes
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